“In difesa del cibo” is the story of a virtuous food supply chain, sustainable on an economic, environmental and human level, carried out by artisans aware of the enormous impact that their work has on the lives of all of us.
“In difesa del cibo” is also an investigation into the current food system and in particular into the gap between the quality and saleability of a product, craftsmanship and industry, authenticity and media artifice.

#1 Wine

The first episode will be dedicated to wine, which for some reason has lagged behind food in the path of awareness that has led people to recognize the superiority of healthy and genuine foods, grown while respecting the land.

The intent is to spread the voice of natural producers, take care of their message and affirm the superiority of their wine compared to industrial wine.

The investigation will start in the Loire, in February 2024.


“In difesa del cibo” is a project by BloomyWild (, a design studio which, together with the distribution of natural wine Social Wine and the environmental education center Peromelo, is part of the Mycoriza network with which he conducts research and promotion of issues related to sustainability and respect for the soil.

By BloomyWild:
Beatrice Capone, author, project manager
Roberta Rapino, designer, videomaker

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